About Me

Hello! My name is Carli Christiansen, the face behind Gracious Cooking.

I started cooking in college, and learned mostly from blogs and The Food Network. I completed the culinary program at Park City Culinary Institute in 2021, and now I’m ready to bring you along on my food adventures!

This is a space where I share recipes, cooking experiments, techniques, tips, equipment reviews, successes, and some failures. My goal is to bring you homemade comfort food recipes that you and your family will enjoy.

Cooking is a creative outlet for me. I got a degree in Vocal Performance (Opera) from Brigham Young University. I’ve been singing since I was eight, and while I was getting my degree, I found that cooking was a great way for me to flex my creative muscles in a more low-pressure way. I test my creations on my husband, Mark, and our three beautiful daughters.

Happy cooking!